Government is Your God if it Must Always be Obeyed! Posted by Don Boys on April 24, 2017

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Opinion Column by Greg J. Dixon
Is Government your God?

Government is Your God if it Must Always be Obeyed!

Posted by Don Boys on April 24, 2017

If you think a citizen must always obey the government, then government has become your God. To disobey government is to become a rebel and maybe a prisoner! It has always been dangerous to be right when your government is wrong. When Christians disobey government, they must do so based on biblical principles, accept the consequences, and not whine about "suffering for Jesus."

John Bunyan preached without government permission and spent 12 years in Bedford Jail for preaching without a license; yet after his release, he accepted a license!

While John was in jail, he was only a five minute walk to his home. When blind Mary visited, she brought her father a jug of soup. John wrote, "O the thoughts of the hardship I thought my Blind one might go under, would break my poor heart to pieces. … Yet recalling myself, thought
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