Government as Slave Owner (2000)

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Feature Article by Jim Bovard
The latest hubbub over whether slavery was the sole cause of the Civil War reminded me of this article on how modern governments have connived to seize unlimited power over citizens.   The Declaration of Independence was clear that Americans rights pre-existed the creation of government.  But today's Statists see government as the fount of all rights.  What the government gives, it has the right to revoke.  And that can be a problem.

Freeman, February 2000

Government as Slave Owner

Portraying All Rights as Dispensations of Government Is a Scam to Convey Absolute Power to Government Officials

  by  James Bovard

James Bovard is the author of Freedom in Chains: The Rise of the State & the Demise of the Citizen (St. Martin's Press, 1999).

The Declaration of Independence proclaimed that "all men . . . are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." This assertion captured the idealism and the
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