Google is Planning to Massively Distort News About Russia

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News Story Source:, Political Junkie
" … faced with the data and what we've seen from Russia in 2016 and with other factors around the world, we have to act…."

– Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman and Reptile in Chief of Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, Youtube, and a bunch of other stuff that completely controls your life.

And Russia Insider is going to fight them every step of the way – are you with us? We're there for you.

Apparently, the world's leading search engine (by a very wide margin) feels that we aren't capable of discerning the difference between news that is propaganda and news that is real. Recent developments that received almost no coverage by the western media show us the lengths that Google is willing to go to in its efforts to protect us from Russian-sourced fake news.

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