Gold Smashes Above $1800 For First Time Since 2011

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
We asked yesterday – What happens next: a panicked scramble to procure physical gold, one which even our friends at the BIS will be powerless to stop from sending the price of the precious metal to all time highs.  

It appears that has begun…

Silver also soared back above $18…

Gold is tracking higher along with global negative-yielding debt…

This move comes, as notes, as Citibank has joined other mainstream gold bulls calling for record gold prices.

Citi raised its gold price forecast this week. It now projects a three-month price of $1,825 per ounce and for the yellow metal to head into record territory in 2021. Citi analysts expect gold to eclipse the $2,000 mark early next year.

Citibank joins several other mainstream players that now project record gold prices in the coming months. Last week, we reported Goldman Sachs now forecasts record gold prices within the next 12 months and Bank of A
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