GLOBAL VOLCANISM: The Volcano Report For March 25-26, 2014 – New Eruption At Ecuador’s Reventador Volcano Suggests New Eruptive Phase; Mild Strombolian Activity From Summit Crater At The Slamet Volcano In Indonesia; Increasing Activity And Explosions At Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano; Lava Flow Continues At The Kilauea Volcano In Hawaii!

March 26, 2014 – WORLDWIDE VOLCANOES – The following constitutes the new activity, unrest and ongoing reports of volcanoes across the globe.

Continuous ash emission and incandescent avalanches on Reventador’s eastern flank (image: G. Taipe / IGP)

Reventador (Ecuador): The volcano has entered a new eruptive phase since yesterday, Ecuador’s Institute of Geophysics (IGP) reported. Starting from 15:00 local time yesterday, increasing tremor was registered and steady ash emissions were observed. At night, incandescent blocks could be seen and heard rolling down from the crater where probably a new lava dome has started to appear.

Small pyroclastic flows descended on the eastern, southeastern and southern flanks of the volcano, probably as a result of re-mobilization of fresh lava and tephra deposits. These so-called secondary pyroclastic flows reached lengths of 500 m below the summit.

IGP assumes the most likely scenario for the evolution of the new eruptive episode is that activity continues at similar levels for a while. So far, lava avalanches and pyroclastic flows have been confined within the caldera, near the flanks of the main cone. So far, no reports of ash falls became available from communities in the nearby areas, suggesting that the eruption is still small. An important hazard remains in the form of lahars (mud flows), which can be generated by re-mobilization of loose material during heavy rainfall and would most likely threaten the bed and banks of the Quijo river.

Slamet (Central Java, Indonesia): Strombolian explosions of generally small size continue at irregular intervals.

Ash puff from a strombolian eruption at Slamet last weekend

According to our correspondent Oystein, who visited the volcano last weekend, “the eruptions observed were fairly small (strombolian activity) and the interval between the eruptions ranged from 30min to 3 hours, during the periods I had clear views and were able to observe. No booming noises could be heard during the eruptions or incandescent material observed.”

Fuego (Guatemala): The volcano’s activity has increased, INSIVUMEH and CONRED reported. The number of explosions rose to 8-14 per hour over the past days and the strongest ones produce ash plumes rising more than 1 km above the summit and drifted 12 km to westerly directions.

Seismic signal of Fuego (FG3 station, INSIVUMEH)

Seismic data also show an increase in tremor (internal vibration). INSIVUMEH thinks that a new lava flow and / or another paroxysmal phase at the volcano could occur soon.

The explosions at the volcano generated rumblings and shock waves that rattled ceilings and windows in villages Panimaché, Panimaché II, Morelia, Santa Sofia and others in the area at distances of more than 8 km.

Kilauea (Hawai’i): No major changes in eruption activity on Kilauea over the past week – lava lake at summit remains 45 m (148 ft) below the floor of Halema`uma`u crater. All surface flows on the east rift zone remain slow in progress, but continue to burn tree lines in the closed Kahauale`a reserve.

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