GLOBAL VOLCANISM: Increased Activity At Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano – 24 Exhalations Of Low Intensity Registered, With Steam And Gas; 6 Explosions With Ash And Harmonic Tremors! [PHOTOS + VIDEOS]

April 21, 2015 – MEXICO – In the last 24 hours the monitoring system of Popocatepetl volcano registered 20 exhalations of low intensity, some of which accompany steam and gas as well as six explosions accompanied by emission with small amounts of ash and 59 minutes harmonic tremor Low amplitude. During yesterday afternoon it was observed the volcano with a small constant emission of steam and gas toward the northeast at an altitude of 500m above the crater.

During the night we observed slight incandescence in the crater from early hours of today until time of this report can observe a constant emission of steam and gas at a height of 200 m above the crater.

Today, at 10:52 hrs an explosion that reached a height of 3000 m above the crater eastward and moderate ash content as well as the emission of incandescent fragments were recorded at a distance of 500 m crater on the east slope.

On Friday, April 10th, with the help of the Federal Police, an overflight of the volcano was made. Meteorological conditions were adequate for the pertinent observations. It was confirmed that the activity between March 24 and April 5 resulted in the emplacement of a new dome filling the inner crater. This new dome has a diameter calculated at 250 m, with a thickness of 30 m. A series of concentric fractures on its surface, and its central portion has collapsed, showing that, after emplacement, the dome has deflated considerably.

It is probable that in the next few days or weeks this dome will be destroyed in one or several explosions, with magnitudes similar to those that occurred at the end of February and beginning of March this year. Because of this, CENAPRED emphasizes that people should not go near the volcano, especially near the crater, due to the danger caused by ballistic fragments.

Continuous monitoring of the activity is maintained. The Ministry of Health, the Secretary of National Defense, Federal Police and the Civil Protection Units of the States of Morelos, Puebla, Mexico, Tlaxcala and Mexico City are all vigilant of the volcano.

 WATCH: Spectacular explosion at Popocatepetl volcano.

The Traffic Alert Volcanic of Popocatepetl is located in Yellow Phase 2.

CENAPRED emphasizes that people should not go near the volcano, especially near the crater, due to the danger caused by ballistic fragments.

This type of activity is included within the scenarios Volcanic Traffic Light Yellow Phase 2.

The scenarios foreseen for this phase are:

1. Explosive activity of low to intermediate level.

2. Ash fall in nearby towns.

3. Possibility of short range pyroclastic flows and mudflows .

Special emphasis is placed on the following recommendations:

1. Continue the safety radius of 12 km, so staying in that area is not allowed.

2. Keep the controlled traffic between Santiago Xalitzintla and San Pedro Nexapa through Paso de Cortés.

3. Civil Protection authorities, keep your preventive procedures, in accordance with their operational plans.

4. People, be alert to the official information disseminated.

In case of ashfall, address the following recommendations:

• Cover nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief or face mask.

• Clean eyes and throat with pure water.

• Avoid contact lenses to reduce eye irritation.

• Close windows or cover them up, and stay indoors as much as possible.

Popocatepetl Volcano monitoring is performed continuously 24 hours a day. Any change in activity will be reported in due course. – CENAPRED.

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