Glamorous Ivanka lauds her father for signing an executive order for federal agencies…

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News Story Source:, By FRANCES MULRANEY
Ivanka Trump led an announcement Friday that President Trump has signed a new executive order prioritizing skills over degrees in federal hiring. 

She said that her father's order would allow for the 'talents and competencies of all Americans' to be recognized and allow for federal agencies to look past 'outdated degree requirements' in hiring. 

Trump's eldest daughter revealed that the order outlined a new direction for the nation's largest employer ahead of a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board.

Ivanka, one of the president's advisers, is co-chair of the board, which advises the administration on worker policy and has worked on improving job training to meet employers' changing needs. 

 'You are once again leading by example today with the EO signing,' Ivanka said to her father during the meeting.

'As the nation's largest employer, we are always seeking
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