GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The Globe – Sinkhole Causes Death Of A Man In Panola County, Mississippi; Sinkhole Swallows Dump Truck In Aiken, South Carolina; Dangerous Sinkhole Opens Up In Gateshead, United Kingdom; 10-Feet Deep Sinkhole Appears On Road In Powell, Michigan! [PHOTOS]

April 26, 2015 – EARTH – Here are several of the latest reports of sinkholes across the globe as monumental planetary transformations continue.

Sinkhole causes death of man in Panola County, Mississippi

Sinkhole in Panola County.

One man is dead and another is in the hospital after heavy rains formed a sink hole in Panola County Friday night.

Panola County Coroner Gracie Gulledge told Local 24 Mount Olivet Road in Batesville was washed out due to rain.

Officials say the rain led to a car accident involving a truck with two men inside. They are not sure if the truck slid off the road or crashed into the pothole.

The truck’s driver was taken to the med. His neice told Local 24 he had surgery today.

The passenger, however, died. An autopsy will be performed Monday to determine if he drowned or died from crash-related injuries. – Local Memphis.

Sinkhole swallows dump truck in Aiken, South Carolina

An Aiken City truck fell through a sinkhole Thursday on Moultrie Drive in the Gem Lakes extension area.© Cindy Kubovic

When a loaded City of Aiken dump truck drove through Gem Lakes as a test to evaluate resident complaints that the streets there were poorly constructed by the developer, it took a tow truck to get it back out when a portion of the scrutinized roadbed collapsed.

Engineers have determined a leaking storm drain under the area caused the truck to fall through the undermined road surface.

City employee Steve Brown was driving the dump truck, filled with rocks and dirt, on Moultrie Drive Thursday to test whether the roads were supportive enough to hold that amount of weight. He said the truck just “kind of started sinking on one side; it didn’t just automatically happen.” City crews quickly worked to free the truck, and with the help of Wayne’s Automotive Towing, lifted it out of the hole successfully, but not without leaving a large footprint. Crews examined the hole by sticking a pole in to see how deep it was – the answer, about 5 feet.

Mike Goss, the supervisor over the City’s utilities, said crews were going to have to cut around the hole, and then fill the area with stones for the time being. – Aiken Standard.

Dangerous sinkhole opens up in Gateshead, UK – ‘Someone could have been killed’

Resident Sophie Storey, 20, with her daughter Angelica Mason, 10 months.

Worried parents have told of their fears after a 5ft deep sink hole appeared in a Tyneside road.

The hole, measuring 2ft wide, suddenly appeared in Windsor Avenue in Bensham, Gateshead, on Thursday as families were soaking up the sunshine.

Police and council officials were called to make the area safe.

Now mums have said a child could have been killed if they had fallen through the Tarmac.

Sophie Storey, 20, who lives on the road and has 10-month-old Angelica, said: “This is worrying. I walk over that part of the road daily. It could have happened at any point or when we were walking over it. Angelica’s pushchair could have gone down it. It’s really sickening when I think what could have happened. It’s a deep hole, a child could have been seriously injured or even killed, who knows what could have happened.”

Sophie, who lives with partner, university student Cameron Mason, 19, added: “Quite a lot of small kids play in the road and this could have ended up being a very serious incident. It was lucky no one was hurt.”

Mum-of-three Emily Fairlamb, 32, of Felling, visits her mum Elizabeth Vicarage, 53, who lives in the next street to where the hole appeared.

She said: “We always walk across that part of the road to walk through the alley to go to Coatsworth Road. It could have been us falling down that hole.

“I have a son who is seven, a daughter who is six and Sebastian who is two. They could have been walking across it when it gave way. My mam walks with a stick and it could have been her. Someone could have been very seriously hurt, you could break a leg or anything. It is scary to think this has happened on our usual route.”

Grandmother Elizabeth said: “It could have been so serious, anyone could have gone through that. It looks like it was a mine shaft or something, this area is littered with disused mines.”

Grandad-of-three Malcolm Whitfield, 61, whose flat is directly opposite the hole, said: “I usually park my car there, it was a good job I had gone to pick up my wife. Over the past few weeks a dip has appeared in the road and when it rains a puddle forms. Now it has totally dropped through and a 5ft deep hole is there. Men from a drainage company arrived and they lifted a nearby manhole cover to check for pressure of the water pipes and then they went. We have barriers around it now until something is done.”

A spokesman for Gateshead Council said: “Engineers from Gateshead Council have carried out an initial inspection and have made the site secure. The underlying cause of the failure is now being investigated.” – Newcastle Chronicle.

10-foot deep sinkhole appears on road in Powell, Michigan

© Christina Hall / Detroit Free Press

First, came the 32 Mile bridge closure.

Now drivers in northern Macomb County have to contend with another road closure a mile away thanks to a 4-foot-by-4-foot wide and 10-foot deep sinkhole.

“It’s pretty deep,” county Roads Department Director Bob Hoepfner said of the sinkhole on 33 Mile near Powell.

He said the county was notified of the sinkhole Wednesday night by Michigan State Police.

The sinkhole is blocked off by orange barricades and had a metal pole with yellow flags was sticking out of it this morning. Crews were coming onto the scene, and Hoepfner said he hoped the sinkhole would be repaired and the road reopened today.

He doesn’t know what caused the sinkhole, but said additional traffic — especially heavy trucks — may have contributed. That traffic normally would be on 32 Mile, but the deteriorating bridge there is closed and may be so for at least a year, Hoepfner said.

He said the road department is going to design a new bridge structure for 32 Mile and rebuild the bridge “as soon as we possibly can.” The cost, he said, is estimated at $2 million.The bridge is located on the border of Armada and Ray townships.

An inspection last month showed rusted-through steel beams are causing part of the bridge deck to settle, road department officials said.

The bridge handled about 15,000 vehicles daily and crosses the north branch of the Clinton River. Hoepfner guesstimated it was about 50 years old.

Last month, he said the closure of the bridge would have a “significant impact.”

Though that gravel stretch of 33 Mile where the sinkhole is located is not part of the official bridge detour, Hoepfner said that he believes there has been significant additional traffic in that area, especially from heavy trucks going to and from area businesses.

He said about 350 vehicles pass daily on that part of 33 Mile, but he is guessing about 1,000 vehicles now are passing through daily with the 32 Mile bridge closure. He said getting the bridge reopened is a “priority.”  – Detroit Free Press.

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