GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: Sinkholes And Landslides Keep Popping Up Across The Globe – SUV Swallowed By 20-Foot Sinkhole In New Jersey Suburb; Massive Sinkhole Appears In Pietermaritzburg, South Africa; Huge Landslide Buries Parts Of Peruvian Town, At Least 7 People Dead; Sinkhole Devours Street In Cleveland, Ohio; Man Rescue Out Of Sinkhole In Dania Beach, Florida; And One Dead After Cliff Collapse In Point Reyes, Northern California!

March 25, 2015 – EARTH – Here are several of the latest reports of sinkholes and landslides across the globe as monumental planetary transformations continue.

SUV swallowed by 20-foot sinkhole in New Jersey suburb

Crews pulled a car out of a huge sinkhole in South Amboy, New Jersey Tuesday afternoon – and some neighbors still were not being allowed back in their homes.

Around 6:15 a.m. Tuesday, authorities were alerted about the 20-foot-deep sinkhole that opened up on Gordon Street. Throughout the day, it was a bad, tense scene – with people wondering why the ground collapsed and if there was still any danger.

Authorities said a broken water main that undermined the earth was to blame for the sinkhole.

A neighbor first called to report that his car had been stolen – but that was not what had happened at all. He discovered that it actually had been swallowed up by the sinkhole, along with part of his yard.

“My dad, he said around 6 o’clock, he heard some crackling, high winds — almost like a recycling truck, it sounded like,” said Dawn Matthews, the daughter of the man who lost his car. “He looked to the front and he didn’t see a recycling truck, but then he went to the back, and saw in the back of the house, the neighbor’s fence was kind of going down, and saw that part of road collapsed.”

About an hour later, more of the street collapsed. Video from the scene showed a small SUV covered in mud that appears to have been swallowed up as the road gave way.

“All of the utilities have been shut off to these houses, we’ve evacuated three houses and there’s a car at the bottom of the hill,” Fire Chief Mike Geraltowski said.

A broken fire hydrant was also visible amidst the rubble.

“At one time there was a fire hydrant at the end of the street, which you can no longer see,” Geraltowski told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa. “The water broke and caused a sinkhole, for lack of a better word.”

Neighbors were shocked at the sight.

“As a child, I used to play down there, and it was pretty steep,” said 50-year South Amboy resident Jack Roberts, “and when you hear of sinkholes, you think of Florida or someplace, but there’s one over at the end of the street there.”

Residents of three homes were evacuated and will not be allowed to return Tuesday night.

WATCH: Massive South Amboy Sinkhole Forces Evacuation Of Nearby Homes.

“Our priority right now is to make the roadway safe so that the residents can get into homes. Like I said, I don’t think that’s going to happen tonight,” Geraltowski said. I was talking to OEM coordinator, and that’s not going to happen tonight.

On Feb. 20, another water main broke on Bordentown Avenue a block away from the site.

Neighbors said they are lucky this happened when it did and not on Sunday when Gordon Street was lined with kids and families taking part in South Amboy’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

South Amboy police said Gordon Street will be closed until further notice in the area east of Pine Avenue as crews make emergency repairs.

Drivers and pedestrians are being urged to avoid the area. – CBS News.

Massive sinkhole appears on N3 highway in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

© Jonathan Burton

A massive sinkhole over two metres deep and three metres wide appeared on the N3 highway in Pietermaritzburg on Thursday, leading to the closure of one of the busy freeway’s lanes.

The Durban-bound portion of the road near the Peter Brown offramp has been repaired numerous times, but it collapsed when a bus travelling over the sunken area collided with a truck in the early hours of Thursday.

Easter weekend

WBHO engineer Jacques Grobler, who has been contracted to repair the sinkhole, said he was hoping to fix the portion of road before the Easter weekend.

“We had a machine on site this morning to start excavating the bottom of the sinkhole and to investigate the problem.”

He said once they identified the cause of the collapse, they would build up the hole layer by layer and “try to repair it before the Easter weekend”.

Road Traffic Inspectorate spokesperson Zinhle Mngomezulu said the hole was 2.4 metres deep and would easily swallow the nose end of a car.

Photos of the sinkhole were plastered all over social media as local residents and travellers shared concerns over the collapsed portion of road.


Comments poured in on The Witness’s Facebook page from locals who said they had hit the sunken patch of road days before it collapsed.

Local Andries Keyser said he hit the sunken patch of road on Monday whilst towing an empty bulk fuel trailer behind his bakkie.

“There was a few split seconds where my vehicle was less of a bakkie and more of a light cargo aircraft,” he said.

Another local, Yolanda Jacobs Ogilvie, said whilst driving over the sunken portion of road, she could feel the road was not stable.

“I drove over that patch one million times going home and you could feel something was up as it really knocked your car when you hit it.”

To add to the congestion caused by the sinkhole on Thursday, a truck overturned a few metres behind the sinkhole, causing a two-kilometre traffic jam.

Mngomezulu said the truck lane was closed for almost two hours as a tow truck worked to remove the damaged vehicle. – News24.

Massive landslide buries parts of Peruvian town amid heavy rains – 7 people dead

Seven people were killed and more were feared dead in Peru after a massive landslide buried parts of a town amid heavy rains, authorities said on Tuesday.

Six were missing and 25 injured in the disaster in Chosica, some 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) east of Lima, said Alfredo Murgueytio, the head of the National Civil Defense Institute, Indeci.

“There are likely more dead bodies under the debris,” Murgueytio said on local broadcaster RPP.

A woman carries a baby as she walks past debris of houses after a massive landslide in Chosica, March 24, 2015. © REUTERS/ Mariana Bazo

People remove debris of cars and houses after a massive landslide in Chosica, March 24, 2015.

TV images showed water and mud rushing over the town’s sloped streets and a distraught woman waving a picture of a missing girl.

The main road connecting Lima to the center of Peru, a top global producer of copper and gold, remained blocked since Monday, police said.
 The landslide destroyed 65 houses and rendered another 45 unlivable, said Indeci.

Landslides and avalanches in Peru, mainly in rural towns in the Andes and Amazon, have killed 28 people and destroyed 1,245 houses so far this year, according to Indeci.

Chosica, a town tucked between mountains and next to a river, has been damaged by landslides several times in the past. – Reuters.

A mud-heavy torrent has sent auto-sized rocks crashing into a highlands town along Peru’s main east-west highway and national civil defense chief Carlos Castro says it killed at least seven people and destroyed 65 homes.

The central highway remained blocked by debris on Tuesday from the previous night’s catastrophe.

In this photo provide by government’s Andina news agency, rescue personnel work in the debris of a house destroyed by a mudslide caused by heavy rains in
Chosica, Peru, Tuesday, March 24, 2015. According to authorities the mudslide blocked a major road to Lima, destroyed more
than 60 homes and killed several residents.  © AP/Andina, Carlos Lezema

© AP/Andina, Carlos Lezema

A man stands inside his destroyed house after a massive landslide in Chosica, March 24, 2015. © Reuters/Mariana Bazo

Boulders loosed by two hours of heavy rains smashed through brick walls and floodwaters carried cars, animals and furniture through Chosica’s streets.

Televised images showed police breaking through the wall of one home to recover the bodies of 23-year-old Ana Marino and her 3-year-old son, Stefano. Mother was clutching child.

WATCH: Massive mudslides hit central Peru.

Residents asked authorities to send heavy equipment to clear the wreckage.

A 1987 mudslide in Chosica killed 64 people.

Peru’s weather service predicts heavy coastal rains through the rest of March. – Yahoo.

Sinkhole devours part of street in Cleveland, Ohio

Part of Eddy Rd. collapsing. (Source: WOIO)

While drivers across the city look out for potholes, residents who live along Eddy Road, south of the Shoreway worry about a much bigger problem. Part of their street was swallowed up by a big sinkhole.

“It’s scary, it’s scary. That’s literally at the corner of my street,” said Unique Patterson, a resident who has to drive past it on her way home.

Several neighbors say they noticed part of the asphalt collapsing yesterday. Within a matter of minutes there was a car crater in the middle of the street.

While many potholes have the potential to do some costly damage to vehicles, this hole can swallow up an entire car and everyone in it. That’s why the people who live on this street are worried.

“We might be running down the street and another part of the street be messed up,” said Antonio Adams.

Like Adams, many here are wondering if there are other sinkholes nearby and whether they should be driving so close to this one.

WATCH: Drivers dodge big sinkhole on Eddy Road.

19 Action News reporter Bill Safos made sure the soil in and around it was stable before stepping into it to find several feet of hallow ground extending under the roadway that cars were still driving on.

“We might get injured,” said Adams.

According to the Mayor’s Media Relations Director, the City of Cleveland was told about the sinkhole Friday night.

It couldn’t be fixed then but city workers put up yellow tape and orange barrels to keep cars away. Until it’s fixed, neighbors say they’re watching drivers dodge a disaster. – 19 Action News.

Fire Rescue officials pull man out of sinkhole in Dania Beach, Florida

Fire Rescue officials have pulled a man out of a sinkhole at a boat yard in Dania Beach.

Sky 10 was above the scene about 4:30 p.m. as firefighters could be seen helping a man, as his legs appeared to still be stuck in the sinkhole in the area of Northeast 7th Avenue off S. Federal Highway.


Firefighters were eventually able to pull the man onto a stretcher just before 4:45 p.m.

He was then rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance.

No other details were immediately released.  – Local10.

Hiker dies, another injured after cliff collapse in Point Reyes, Northern California

One person is dead and another person suffered critical injuries after an apparent rockslide at Point Reyes National Seashore Saturday evening, according to a park employee.

Emergency medical crews with the Marin County Fire Department responded at 5:55 p.m. to a report of a rescue in the area of Arch Rock in the West Marin park, Marin County fire Battalion Chief Mike Giannini said.

Two hikers were walking along Bear Valley Trail when they reached the end of the trail, the Arch Rock overlook, John Dell’Osso, a spokesman for the U.S. National Park Service said.

The cliff unexpectedly gave way and they fell an estimated 60 feet below. They were covered in rubble and rock, Dell’Osso said.

Both people were airlifted out of the area. Dell’Osso said one person was pronounced deceased at the scene and the other was airlifted to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Photo: National Parks Service

Photo: National Parks Service

Photo: National Parks Service

Photo: National Parks Service

Giannini described the person’s injuries as potentially life-threatening but Dell’Osso said the person is expected to survive.

Dell’Osso said a fissure appeared at the “tip” of the overlook on Wednesday and park officials immediately put signs up at the trailhead and visitor center to warn visitors they could not hike to the end of the trail.

The park service issued a trail advisory on its website on Thursday warning hikers that fissures along the top of Arch Rock may have weakened it. “Bluffs along the California coast are inherently unstable. They are prone to crumbling and sliding,” the website reads. “It is very dangerous to climb or walk along the edge of cliffs.”

Dell’Osso said park officials even put a 24-inch by 40-inch sign just past the start of the trail to warn visitors of the unstable bluff.The Marin County coroner’s office will release the identity of the decedent pending notification of next of kin, Dell’Osso said. The U.S. Coast Guard, Marin County Fire Department, and Sonoma County sheriff’s helicopter team also responded to the scene. – SF Gate.

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