GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: More Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The United States – Two Cars Trapped By Sinkhole In Detroit, Michigan; Giant Sinkhole Shuts Down Diagonal Road In Streetsboro, Ohio; Flint City Plans To Mend Large Sinkhole In Local Neighborhood, Michigan; And Sinkhole Shuts Down Roanoke City Roadway In Virginia! [PHOTOS+VIDEO]

April 08, 2014 – UNITED STATES – The following stories constitutes some of the latest incidents of sinkholes across the United States.

Two Cars Trapped By Sinkhole In Detroit, Michigan

A fresh sinkhole in Detroit along McClellan and Felch streets, near Gratiot Avenue, trapped two vehicles Friday evening.

Davonte Reed says he thought he was driving over a drainage backup when his Ford Focus became abruptly stuck in the ground.

“It’s – BOOM. I just leaned forward, my face hit the steering wheel, and it’s just crazy,” he says.

He says he called police who told he they couldn’t provide assistance, and suggested he call a tow truck. While Reed was waiting to be towed, he called and alerted FOX 2 to his situation and we sent a crew to the scene.

The tow truck came and pulled out Reed’s vehicle. But, shortly after, a second vehicle drove over the same spot and also got lodged in the sinkhole because no barricade had been placed.

That accident was caught on FOX 2 camera. The photographer was shooting the tow truck driving away from the scene, carrying the Ford Focus. In just a matter of seconds after the tow truck drove out of the shot, the Jeep drives into the sinkhole. The photographer unfortunately did not have time to warn the driver because the tow truck was blocking his line of sight, and when he realized what was happening it was too late.

WATCH: Detroit sinkhole swallow two cars.


“I think it’s ridiculous. They should do something about that. That’s a main street here – a lot of traffic,” says Jesse Rutledge. His Jeep was the second vehicle to get stuck.

That area first saw problems a few months ago when a water main broke. It was repaired, but gave way causing the sinkhole.

Both men had to pay to get their cars towed. Reed hopes to be reimbursed but was told it was not the city’s fault.

“Yeah, it’s my fault for driving through. It’s my fault for driving on the city street,” Reed jokes.

Workers from the city’s Water and Sewerage Department came to the scene after to assess the damage. Water was still bubbling up later Friday night, though, so a second crew will come out Saturday morning to get a handle on the problem. – MyFOXDetroit.

Giant Sinkhole Shuts Down Diagonal Road In Streetsboro, Ohio
A 12-foot wide sinkhole has closed Diagonal Road between S.R. 14 in Streetsboro and Overlook Drive in Twin Lakes
for four to six weeks. The hole was the result of a collapsed storm sewer line. On Friday, city employees
worked to support an exposed water line in the sinkhole.

Bob Gaetjens/Gateway News

A portion of Diagonal Road between S.R. 14 in Streetsboro and Overlook Drive in Twin Lakes could remain closed four to six weeks because of a sinkhole.

The road was closed at about 7:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The sinkhole is on Diagonal Road between Pleasant Valley Road and Lake Royale Boulevard. Road closed signs are posted at S.R. 14 and Overlook Drive in Twin Lakes.

By about noon on Friday, the hole, which started as a 6- to 7-foot wide sinkhole, had eroded into a 12-foot wide chasm, according to Streetsboro Service Department Director Bill Miller. Portions of the shoulder of the road began falling into the hole, as well.

“Due to the questionable safe passage of motor vehicle traffic, the decision was immediately made to close the road to traffic,” Mayor Glenn Broska wrote in a statement. “Barricades were erected as soon as possible and will remain in place until the culvert is repaired.”

Miller encouraged traffic to use S.R. 14 and S.R. 43 as a detour.

“The storm sewer line is what gave way,” Miller said. “And it’s about 80 feet long, and it’s going to need to be replaced.”

A passing motorist notified Streetsboro police of the sinkhole.

Miller then discovered the 36-inch, cross-road culvert had collapsed. He said he’s working with Joe Ciuni of GPD Group to determine the cost of replacing the culvert.

Streetsboro and Franklin Township residents and their visitors as well as city emergency vehicles should be able to access their homes, but other motorists should heed the road closures, city officials said.

A crew from the Streetsboro Service Department was on the scene Friday morning, working to protect an exposed and unsupported water line in the sinkhole.

Jerry Benci, one of the two city workers on hand, said he and Michael Sweet were working to protect the PVC water line from large rocks which could fall and pierce it. – Record Courier.

Flint City Plans To Mend Large Sinkhole In Local Neighborhood, Michigan

What started out as a small inconvenience, turned into a major problem for some residents in this Flint neighborhood.

Brittney Lewis and her sister say the growing sinkhole is just steps away from their Flint home near the intersection of Dupont and Bagley Streets.

“it’s real big now, scary,” Brittney said.

It was just a small divot less than a week ago…and now measures over six feet at its widest point. It’s no wonder concerns are growing as fast as the sinkhole itself.

“I’m nervous about the kids running back and forth across the street and they might fall down. That’s why I tell my little sister, just stay up here by the driveway and the cars,” said Brittney.

The school busses. They mostly come down right there. It makes me nervous,” said Sterlisha Alexander, who lives across the street from the sinkhole.

While some residents are worried, others have met the situation with a sense of humor and trust Flint will fix it.

“Michigan has brought a little bit of Florida to us and we have our own sinkhole. Flint’s trying, but it’s going to take some time,” said Terry Schlosser who lives in the neighborhood of the sinkhole.

But it may not take as long as some probably think. The City of Flint already has plans in place to work on the hole, but it’s not going to be cheap.

“This is probably one of the roughest winters we’ve experienced inside the city of flint. And we have yet to see what kind of damage has been done, but the damage is really financial damage because we have to come up with the resources to repair these types of things,” said Sheldon Neeley, city councilman of the sixth ward. “Safety is a high priority and we’re going to make sure all the resources are going to be available to make sure that safety is going to be maintained inside the city of Flint,” Neeley told ABC12.

Crews are expected to be out here this week to assess the problem and determine how they will fix it. – ABC12.

Sinkhole Shuts Down Roanoke City Roadway In Virginia

With recent rainfall, a sinkhole has opened up on a Roanoke City roadway.

The sinkhole is about four feet in diameter and about one foot deep.

The sinkhole has closed a portion of Southern Hills Drive in the Southwest portion of the city.

The closure is between the 4200 and 4300 blocks, or from where Southern Hills Drive intersects Van Winkle and Griffin roads. Police say they are advising drivers to take alternate routes. – WSLS.

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