GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: More Sinkholes Keep Popping Up Across The Globe – 30-Foot Deep Sinkhole Appears In Front Yard, Wahiawa, Hawaii; Sinkhole Opens Up On A Busy Northwood Road, London, England; Truck Gets Stuck In Sinkhole In Wellington, New Zealand; Sinkhole Shuts Street Down In Albuquerque, New Mexico; And Sinkhole Closes Section Of Major Road In Derry Township, Pennsylvania!

March 29, 2014 – EARTH – The following stories are the latest reports of sinkholes across the globe over the last few days:

30-Foot Deep Sinkhole Appears In Front Yard, Wahiawa, Hawaii.

A sinkhole opened up on a property on Dole Road in Wahiawa Thursday afternoon.

Police were called, and they covered it up and blocked it off.

The resident says this is not the first time this has happened on the property.

Amateur video showed the hole before it was covered.

The curious gathered around it but with the ground saturated by a recent downpour, no one wanted to stand on the edge for too long.

Sasha Terry came home after a doctor’s appointment, and found the scene in her front yard.

At first, it was just a couple of feet deep.

“It was no more than two feet – two feet deep,” said Terry. “and then it dropped to 30 feet, more than 30 feet.”

She went on to say that, “it’s an old cesspool. They (the landowners) tried to pack it down before when it opened up but when the heavy rain comes down and softens up all the dirt it will make it sink even more. But this time the water got super, super down there.”

Holes have opened up before in other areas around the island.

One incident took place in Enchanted Lake 9 years ago, the result of a leaky pipe or an old septic tank.

And in 2007, a water main break opened a sinkhole, also in Enchanted Lake.

In order to stabilize the hole, the ground has to dry up, but weather forecasts call for more rain in Wahiawa, and it will be heavy at times.

WATCH: Large sinkhole causes concern in Wahiawa.


“More rain, more water,” said a worried Terry. “It’s going to soften the dirt around it and get bigger.”

But not according a retired geologist with 38 years of experience with the Board of Water Supply.

Chester Lao says most cesspools were dug 30 feet deep.

“It won’t get any deeper,” said Lao. “If anything, it will get shallower because of all the stuff that went into the cesspool is piled up on the bottom,” he said.

KHON2 asked Lao if other homeowners who live near abandoned cesspools will run into a problem like this as well.

“Yes, I’m afraid so,” said Lao. “Especially for older homes built in the 30′s, 40′s and early 50′s even.”

He added, “So, we can expect more of these, not just in Wahiawa, but in various other places.”

When the ground finally does get dry, Terry says the landowners will probably do what they did the last time, and that is pour concrete, asphalt and dirt into the hole, and seal it up tight with a concrete cover. – KHON2.

Sinkhole Opens Up On Busy Northwood Road, London, England.
A sinkhole opened in Pinner Road, Northwood, this morning (Friday) and has got the experts perplexed.

Police were called to Pinner Road in Northwood at at 9.50am this morning after a sinkhole opened up.

There are no reported injuries but it is not yet clear whether any vehicles were affected.

Hillingdon Council has been made aware and the area has been cordoned off and the road and surrounding ones closed.

Matt Williams, who was at the scene, said road diversions are going down Addison Way towards Northwood. As of 12.15pm there was a back log of traffic building up down Joel Street.

It has been a freaky 12 hours for Northwood – yesterday a crane crashed in to a property in Murray Road.

Update: Theories about the sinkhole being caused by a collapsed drain are ruled out. Road to reopen at 6pm. – Get West London.

Truck Gets Stuck In Sinkhole, Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington City Council is urging motorists to avoid the southern end of Main Rd in Tawa on their way home tonight as work continues to fix a burst water main.

This morning, police and the fire service were called to the scene at near Oxford St just after 10am after a rubbish truck got stuck in a sinkhole created by a burst pipe.

The vehicle partially blocked one lane and the road was closed to traffic for a time. A tow truck was called to help remove it.

A council spokesman says both lanes of Oxford St are open, but the speed limit has been reduced to 30kmh while workers repair the broken pipe and the road.

Northbound motorists should consider taking the motorway to Porirua then double back to Tawa.

The water supply is gradually being restored to affected areas, but some properties may not have water back until around 5:30pm.

The truck driver said he noticed a bump in the road and as he drove over it, the back wheels sunk into the ground.

The burst water main sent water gushing into the street. – 3News.

Sinkhole Shuts Street Down In Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A sinkhole on Central Avenue near UNM has shut the street down in the area.

Crews need to fix a broken water main before the busy street can reopen, and the Water Authority is working tirelessly to get things patched up.

Central is shut down between University on the west, and Yale on the east.

The Water Authority says it will remain that way for at least through Tuesday evening. They hope to have one westbound lane and two eastbound lanes open for Wednesday morning’s rush hour.

The Water Authority found out about break earlier Tuesday afternoon. Someone spotted a sinkhole that looked like one big, awful pothole. The water crews quickly discovered that a 10-inch steel water main — beneath the surface of the road — gave way. That’s when they shut down Central in both directions.

Not long after that, Chopper 4 spotted them digging up a large chunk of the road to begin the repairs. Fortunately, they say the repairs have not affected any customers — everyone still has water.

They were able to isolate the leak by closing off several valves that are strategically placed in the area. Interestingly, KOB Eyewitness News 4 spoke with a few people who live and work in this area. They say they had a feeling something bad happened below ground days ago.

If you typically use Central to get to work in the morning, do yourself a favor and find a different route. – KOB.

Sinkhole Closes Section Of Major Road In Derry Township, Pennsylvania.

A sinkhole has closed a portion of Route 322 in Derry Township, Dauphin County.

“322 (westbound) is being closed at Hockersville Rd past the Cherry Dr intersection for a sink hole,” a tweet from the Derry Township Police Department states.

It’s expected that the portion of road will be shut down through rush hour. – WGAL.

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