Gavin Newsom Will Win… Seriously… They Have The Fake Votes Ready…

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OK folks, the People's Republic Of California has a built in fake vote that is impossible to beat any longer, if the Democrats want to win.  And they do want to win and keep the petty tyrant in charge so they can continue to destroy all small business, support police defunding, promote mass immigration, and ultimately destroy this nation.

They have MILLIONS of fake votes ready right now. They have Ballot harvesting, where they will simply throw away your vote unless you vote for Newsom.  They have MILLIONS of illegal voting, regardless of what they say publicly.  Simple logic: ANYONE with a drivers license is mailed a ballot.  ALL illegals, many millions of them, have a drivers license.

Then throw in the fake electronic votes that Lindell exposed, which the machines can automatically give 3% or 6% or 20%, it is totally up to them, they can give their candidates anything they want. Add this together, and this Marxist cannot lose.  California is officia
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