French Presidential Election Results Unpredictable

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
French Presidential Election Results Unpredicatable

by Stephen Lendman

No matter who becomes France's next president, dirty business as usual will likely triumph – like in all US elections, other Western ones and most others elsewhere. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Last November, choice for Americans was between death by hanging or firing squad. French voters face the same dilemma.

On election eve, over one-fourth of the electorate was undecided, more concerned about jobs and the economy (pocketbook issues) than terrorism.

Many believe presidential aspirants are largely the same each time elections are held, no matter what they say campaigning.

Large numbers may vote with their feet and stay home, or go places other than to polling stations.

Hyperbole about Sunday's election being one of the most consequential in recent times was way overblown. Calling the outcome unpredictable is right. Polls show it's too close to call.&n
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