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News Story Source:, By Robert Bridge
What has spawned such an opinion towards the 'defenders of the peace'?

Ask any American – Black, White or otherwise – what kind of emotions they experience when they see a police cruiser in their rearview mirror and the answer will likely fall somewhere between a feeling of absolute dread and sheer terror. Like the sensation of being on a rickety roller coaster, the driver will experience white knuckles and butterflies in the stomach as he or she attempts to operate the vehicle with slippery wet hands, all the while praying that the automobile is not suffering from a burnt-out tail light or expired registration.

And in the event that the flashing lights on the prowling cruiser flicker to life amid the wail of a siren, the fun and games have just begun. In fact, tourists to the US should be carefully instructed on proper police etiquette should they ever find themselves pulled over in the land of the free. Rule number one, two and three is that you never, and I
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