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All levels of China's government and all Chinese industries will work together on a three year Artificial Intelligence action plan.

It is the top leadership's vision for a new Chinese economy in the age of AI.

China aims to mass-produce neural-network processing chips, robots will make accomplishing daily tasks easier for disabled people, and machine learning will help radiologists read x-ray scans. In addition, China hopes AI will make manufacturing more eco-friendly: the goal laid out in the document is to increase the energy efficiency of the manufacturing sector 10 percent by 2020.

The 12 page document is quite specific and the AI effort is mixed in with China's larger effort to improve manufacturing.

The effort to boost AI in Chinese manufacturing is why Andrew Ng, who helped start the Google Brain project and previously served as the head of Baidu's AI efforts, announced, a company aimed at helping businesses in the manufacturing sector tran
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