Forget 5G, China Is Ramping Up For 6G

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News Story Source: by Zero Hedge
The 6G "pipe" will be stratified into several layers, some reserved for audio, some for data and some for the Internet of Everything and some for police/military communication.

Any layer can turned off at will. Consider selectively turning off the civilian Internet band, or civilian phone service. All other services would continue to connect and communicate at blazing speed. This becomes a formidable weapon in the hands of tyranny. ? TN Editor

While the world is still very much in the transition phase with 5G, research is already well underway for the next iteration of the technology standard for mobile broadband networks – 6G.

Statista's Martin Armstrong notes that, according to a whitepaper by Samsung it takes an average of ten years for a new standard to become ready for commercialization, with 5G taking eight years. The tech giant suggested a potential rollout date of 2028-2030 for 6G, highlighting the urgent need for progress to be m
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