Flight records indicate LVMPD helicopter’s transponder went dark after picking up

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News Story Source: DC Clothesline
(INTELLIHUB) — Flight records obtained by Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas indicate that the transponder on an LVMPD aircraft went dark after several heavily armed men boarded the chopper.

The following timeline details the whereabouts of LVMPD helicopter "N911WY" between the hours of 10:25 p.m. and 11:35 p.m., Oct. 1, 2017.

*The data was captured in UTC time (i.e. 10 p.m. local time is 05:00 UTC on Oct. 2, 11 p.m. is 06:00 UTC on Oct. 2)

10:05 p.m. – Stephen Paddock's first volley of fully-automatic gunfire, reportedly starts (see the unofficial timeline for more details.)

10:25 p.m. – An LVMPD MD 530F helicopter (#N911WY) arrives in the vicinity of the Luxor from North Las Vegas.

Screenshot via FlightRadar24.com

10:34 – 10:36 p.m. – LVMPD aircraft N911WY arrives at Mandalay Bay's north side (near Paddock's room) for the first time whe
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