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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
I ran into this phrase in a physics lecture, of all places, and knew it would be the title of my next article. And this is generally a true statement. Those who are immersed in something… who have always been immersed in it… are the last to see what it really is.

By now it should be obvious to the people of the West that they're being held in a primitive bondage. And fortunately, more eyes are opening to this than ever before.

But still, most people are so used to this particular "water" and have so long acclimated themselves to it, that they haven't recognized it. There's nothing inherently wrong with most of these people; they just haven't stepped back far enough to see the obvious.

So, let's do that.

The Long View

A single model of human life has dominated the West for thousands of years. We've covered this carefully in the subscription letter[1], but I can summarize by saying that this rulership model began to form
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