First observations of a “quantum tug” help unravel the weirdness of water

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News Story Source:, By Nick Lavars
By using cutting-edge tools to study microscopic jets of the liquid, scientists have spotted water molecules pushing and pulling on each other in what is described as a "quantum tug," a phenomenon that has never been directly observed before and might help explain some of water's strange behavior.

The groundbreaking research was carried out by scientists at Stanford University and Stockholm University, who set out to explore the forces that hold water molecules together. Within any water molecule is one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. The positively charged hydrogen atoms in one molecule are attracted to the negatively charged oxygen atoms in another, which has the effect of binding the molecules together.

Water has a raft of strange properties that set it apart from many other liquids, and defy many of the rules around what liquids should do. A solid slab of butter wouldn't float atop a bath of melted butter, but drop a few ice cubes into a glass of wat
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