Feeling Sorry for College Students

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News Story Source: https://www.fff.org, by Jacob G. Hornberger
In fact, the op-ed even causes me to feel sorry for the people at mainstream newspapers who decide which op-eds to publish in their papers.

The op-ed in question is written by a Duke University student named Caroline Petrow-Cohen, who is a summer intern at the Times. Her piece takes California Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder to task for favoring a repeal of the minimum wage. As Elder succinctly puts it, "The ideal minimum wage is $0."

That idea horrifies Petro-Cohen. She is convinced that if the minimum wage were repealed, workers everywhere would immediately be relegated to subsistence wages. That's because, she says, businesses always have more leverage than workers. Without a government-mandated wage floor, all those rapacious business owners, whose only goal is to make a profit, would immediately drop their wages to a few dollars per hour or worse.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Petro-Cohen fails to address a rather obvious question, one
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