Fascism Triumphs in Brazil’s Presidential Election

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Fascism Triumphs in Brazilian Presidential Election

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

In Sunday's runoff presidential election, hardline Social Liberal Party (PSL) candidate Jair Bolsonaro defeated Workers Party (PT) aspirant Fernando Haddad with 55% of the vote.

He'll succeed US-installed Michel Temer, serving as interim president after the Obama regime's orchestrated coup d'etat, ousting democratically elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, replacing her with illegitimate fascist rule – continuing under Bolsonaro.

A previous article explained that his campaign openly featured fascist, sexist, racist, homophobic rhetoric.

His running mate retired general Hamilton Mourao suggested a military coup is possible, adding "very well elaborated plans" are in place for the military to intervene against what he called "illicit acts."

He and Bolsonaro praised Brazil's 1964
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