By Zen Gardner
April 30th, 2012.
There comes a time when a coming convergence becomes apparent. But when it spells possible doom people are not too eager to see it.
But see it we must. Because sound the alarm we must…as well as prepare.
Funny how that’s another thing “they” minimize and belittle. “Conspiracy freak” leads into “gloom and doom preacher”, “fear and hate monger” etc., all being cleverly wrapped into the “terrorist” catch-all these fascist days.
F’ing bastards. Always missing the point on purpose to divert and betray.
With several recent realities finally striking home there’s hope people are catching on.
Shrimping is finally banned off the Gulf of Mexico due to horrific deformities and lesions in specimens being found (duh); the arrival of radioactive Japan tsunami debris on the US west coast (reality strikes); the continued massive radioactive releases into the air and water around Fukushima finally getting attention (hello!), and growing concerns about earthquake causing “fracking” in the U.S. (again, reported?)
Something’s seriously amiss. And that’s just a sampling.
All these man-made anomalies are outrageous. And the Fukushima mutation weirdness has hardly begun with the millions of tons of nuclear contaminated water being continually, and dutifully I might add, dumped off of Japan.
Just wait to see what’s brewing in the toxic sea. The mutations and die-offs have started, but just barely. It will get very distressing.
You’d think people might start to realize something serious is actually going down.
They can’t.
It’s too horrific.
If the spent fuel rod pool just at Fukushima reactor 4 collapses, there will be so much plutonium-based radiation released it’s being called a potential Extinction Level Event (ELE). 
Just that.  And if that doesn’t “bake your noodle”, do you know how many hundreds of these types of old dangerous fuel rod stocked reactors there are around the world?
And all those built in the 60′s and 70′s are now due for “expiration”! Never mind the plethora of nuclear bomb manufacturing facilities in the US and around the world!
We’re talking insane, people.
And most of us had nothing to do with any of this.
At least not consciously.
This planet is one large deliberately bomb-ridden Murrah Building or explosive-laden Twin Tower.
Earth has been and is being engineered for demolition.
I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but it’s clearly true.
My point here, though, is to see it for what it is and make it a motivator!
Waiting around
and “business as usual”
are no longer an option.
This doesn’t have to spell the end of everything, as awful as that all sounds. People who love you tell you the Truth. And love reigns.
But surgeons don’t go to work until they know the full extent of the problem. Neither should we when it comes to the big picture.
We need to address each issue as they come up. 
Understanding the endgame is essential to a full realization of what’s going on.
I have a lot of theories as to why all this is transpiring and where each of us may be going. Number one is that our job here is to wake up, first and foremost, and then wake up everyone around us. But it’s imperative people see the vast extent of the perfidy of this parasitic force destroying our planet.
I use this analogy because of the wicked planned demolition aspect. Anyone reading this knows false flags have been perpetrated by rulers since time immemorial. It’s virtually primordial evil to secretly do some evil deed yourself or have someone do it for you and blame someone else, all for a desired effect.
But this huge scam is admittedly off the charts.
Earth will survive their puny efforts. Humanity may not, at least here, until the earth recovers.
They say there are bases on Mars for just such emergencies. I don’t know. But to deliberately bring on such catastrophic conditions is not an easy one for the lay unaware earth man to wrap his head around.
They say mega natural catastrophes have wiped out previous civilizations and thousands of animal species on earth. They’ve even found evidence of a nuclear conflagration in ancient India, and it’s theorized Atlantis and Lemuria had it out and that’s how they came to an end.
It seems these warlike “gods” through the ages have a propensity for this type of wonton death-dealing and destruction.  They really should find their own already decimated rock somewhere out there and fight it out between themselves and leave us the hell alone. Wouldn’t you say?
If we’re on to their scam, identify it, rise up in defiance of it and overcome it! Whatever form we take! Even if the whole place blows, you think that’s the end?
No way!
Get over it! Fear of death is possibly the biggest con going! 

How many parallel dimensional worlds

are right now spinning,

slipping and sliding around us?
Even our so called big brained physicists say at least 11.
You think that’s all? (And btw, notice no one’s calling them conspiracy freaks! Ha!)
Just wanted to get that death thing outta the way. We might just slide to a parallel earth that’s in great shape while the perps are left here to suffer their own demise. Who knows? We’re eternal spirit consciousness and can’t be snuffed out.
Like you, I could spit nails over the current onslaught of horrific destruction being perpetrated by the insane powers that be. I don’t think this can be screamed about enough. And more than that, we need to look the Endgame square in the face.
We’ve gone over these before, but let’s do a quick recap:
Filling our skies with toxic metal oxide chemtrails to use weather as a “force multiplier” in their drive to control earth. This includes engineered sea-killing algae blooms, atmospheric heaters and electromagnetic warfare causing mass animal die-offs and creating more desert areas worldwide. Then they HAARP it all up and spin, crack or fry anything in their path. Sick f*ers.
Now it’s trees and shrubs, along with fish, animals and insects in addition to genetically destroying the food chain. Don’t forget, all this ultimately changes the human genome. It’s pure disgusting insanity.
that amongst other things is decimating the world’s life-giving bee population, a sure indicator of an unsustainable food supply system.
Vaccines, drugs, poisoned water and foods and toxic air. All anti-life.
including poisoning the water table through fracking, killing the oceans with oil and waste, and putting banned toxic substances on it to boot to cover up their perfidy.
is swirling around screwing with humanity, set deliberately on the same frequency as the human nervous system.
Besides the rapacious and wonton mass destruction by more and more weapons technologies in the hands of mad war lords, the use of depleted uranium and other highly toxic materials is rendering huge areas of our planet unusable for generations to come, while horribly mutating babies and children.
If all that’s not enough, why not build high profit poorly planned nuclear time bombs around the world producing enough nuclear waste to destroy the world hundreds of times over.
This is where we need to really stand back and see what’s really going on. We need to attack each of these issues any way we can, but obviously these idiots are in collusion with one another politically, financially, economically ~ and most of all, spiritually.
So why would anyone or anything behave so deliberately irresponsibly and destructively?
And don’t give me that corporate bankster greed coverall.
Sure that’s part of the cause and what’s used to get the lower levels on board.
When you connect the dots you can see there’s much more than that going on.
What’s their end game?
They’ve stored good non-modified seeds in a vault in Norway. The elites have their food and riches in giant underground vaults with accompanying bases. All documented.
So what’s the plan? Just kill off the earth and this superfluous, unwanted 90+% population overflow they so disdain while they wait it out underground?
Are they that crazy?
Underground bunker or self-made tomb?
Unfortunately what I’m laying out here is documented. They have even hardly tried to hide it.
They just don’t let it into mainstream consciousness as their media mongrel watchdogs keep everyone watching Disney froth or the phony political bullshit.
Very well orchestrated, but absolutely insane.
Machiavellian even falls short.
Satanic beyond your wildest dreams is more like it.
Where’s this coming from? 
Insane means “unclean”.
But more than that we’re talking non human. That’s why people can’t grasp the depths or motivation behind all this. No, not everyone being used is in on the full plan or aware of that.
It’s all compartmentalized.
This driving force to subdue our world into a totally controlled unit has been around for millennia.
From this beyond fascist “order” they hope to create, this pseudo-spiritual Satanic techno-race will want to no doubt conquer other races and planets and solar systems. This is what NWO insider spokes-scientist Michio Kaku calls a Type 2 civilization.
In fact, if you don’t go along with it, Kaku labels you a terrorist. Sound familiar?
It’s hard to believe we’re on a planet with such psychopathic control freaks whose sole aim is domination for their selfish purposes. When the vast majority of the world are loving, caring and sharing compassionate individuals you have to consider this an invasive or mutant species that needs to be exposed and put in its place.
Instead the world has been carefully lulled into voluntary submission. Just as they designed. Their ultimate M.O. is for us to conform or die. Mostly die is how they want it. Those who remain they want to be “transhuman”.
In fact, they’re so recklessly pursuing their megalomaniacal plan they don’t care what humanity morphs into, as long as it’s shrunken to a manageable half billion dumbed-down fully controllable droids.
All possible with genetic engineering, drugs and computer implant technology. 
And driven by a deeply occult-scientific agenda.
So our job is to resist.
First wake up to the horrific reality that we’re being deliberately killed off and then wake up as many others as possible.
I don’t know about any cavalry coming but I do know it’s a time of energetic change that will help more and more see what’s going on and hopefully wake up out of slumber.
The responsibility is ours.
It will always remain ours.
That’s the cycle we’re on.
If you don’t get it and respond you’re doomed to repeat it till you do ~ in one form or another.  And that to me makes total sense.
The Universe is intrinsically right and just.
If we didn’t have free will life would be a drag.
And with free will comes a lot of messiness.
Enjoy it anyway! But let’s get Love and Truth back in charge here, shall we?
Let’s Put This in Perspective ~ They Can’t Win Over Truth and Love
You really wonder how these anti-natural freaks can take themselves seriously. Just look at the magnificence of our Universe. It’s beyond description.
Clearly forces play out that we’re only slightly aware of.
But one thing we can be sure of ~ puny man or any other power-crazed entity is nothing to be feared.
We’re inter connected with Something so much greater and profound we can rest assured all will come out for the better no matter what happens in the short term.
The current awakening is changing the entire dynamic on our planet by the hour. The matrix is coming down, which is why they’re so frantically trying to slap supports for it everywhere.
There’s a vibrational change that is exposing the Truth and accelerating drastic life changes all around us. This will no doubt change the course of all of their plans as everyone’s perceptions will be changing as well.
In addition, when societies face these types of scenarios, from the decimation of the planet to draconian clamp downs, it always has a powerful kickback effect. When it starts to become so in-your-face obvious to a broader and broader swathe of people, the wake up accelerates exponentially.
We need to fan those flames of Truth and Freedom by feeding those awakening with empowering information!
Truth and Love always win in the long run. The test is within you and your life.
When you get it you’ll change and be motivated to reach out to others. And on it goes.
Keep on, folks! We need to step on it in these final laps around the track. They’re itching to pull the plug on the internet so get the word out!
Love, Zen
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