False Accusations Against Invented US Enemies Never Quit

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
False Accusations Against Invented US Enemies Never Quit

by Stephen Lendman

Russia is a favorite target for its prominence on the world stage and freedom from hegemon USA's control.

In recent years alone, the Kremlin was falsely accused of US election interference, poisoning CIA asset/convicted embezzler Navalny, attacking US-colonized Ukraine,  cyber-attacking SolarWinds (sic), and ransomware attacks.

Whenever accusations like the above are made against Russia or other invented US enemies, corroborating evidence never accompanies them because none exists.

Once again, Moscow was falsely accused of cyber-intrusion attempts to penetrate "thousands of US government, corporate and think-tank computer networks," according to NYT fake news — citing Microsoft and so-called cybersecurity experts, adding:

One of the software firm's security officials, Tom Burt, dubiously claimed that "very large" intrusions came fr
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