EXTREME WEATHER ANOMALIES: Britain Set For HOTTEST Easter EVER – Temperatures To Rocket To 80F In Holiday Heatwave!

The ENTIRE country will bake in the fiercest April temperatures for years

March 25, 2015 – BRITAIN
– BRITAIN could be about to roast in the HOTTEST Easter EVER with temperatures rocketing into the 80s IN WEEKS.

The ENTIRE country will bake in the fiercest April temperatures for years out-scorching Spain, Greece and even North Africa, according to some forecasts.

Early long-range models show a freak set of conditions due to come into play at the start of next month will trigger the long-awaited heatwave.

Thermometers are expected to tip the 80F mark in time for Easter which is on course to beat the historic scorchers of 1984 and 2011.

An unusually wavy jet stream will drag swathes of scorching air in from the Continent while high pressure will see Britain bask in blue skies and sunshine.

The sizzling prediction ties in with suggestions this summer is on course to be a super-scorcher putting even The Great Heatwave of 1906 in the shade.

Blistering heat lasted a week and with the mercury rocketing past 90F for four days it is considered the severest of the 20th century.

Experts say things will start to heat up in just a few weeks thanks to the “wildly deviating” jet stream and warmer ocean temperatures in the Pacific.

The jet is meandering bringing air in from northern Europe and the Arctic region and then from Spain, switching between bitter cold and warm through spring
– Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction

Scientists have confirmed an El Nino phenomenon, linked to rising global temperatures, has officially started.

The last one was in 2010 although after the summer it led to an exceptionally cold winter that year.

El Nino also brings a greater risk of typhoons in the tropical north-west Pacific, including China and south-east Asia, and drought in western parts of the United States.

It will come as a relief to many as Britain wraps up for another cold spell with sub-zero temperatures and even snow forecast over the coming days.

The sudden chill is down to ‘Polar Continental’ air about to sweep across the country from Siberia.

Sweltering Britons relax in Hampstead Heath as temperatures soared across the UK

A similar weather pattern triggered an exceptionally cold snap during the winter of 2010 when temperatures dropped to -21.3C in Scotland.

The change will come as a shock to the system for many who just last weekend were enjoying highs close to 18C (64F).

It will be a different picture after today with icy winds from Russia making it feel close to -6C (21F) in the north – colder than Moscow.

Piers Corbyn, forecaster for WeatherAction, is predicting huge temperature swings over the next few weeks.

He said: “There will be big variations due to the wildly deviating jet stream, so there will be periods of extremely cold weather followed by unusually hot.

“The jet is meandering bringing air in from northern Europe and the Arctic region and then from Spain, switching between bitter cold and warm through spring.”

Sunny forecasts have already triggered a flurry of bets on super-hot weather arriving before the start of summer.

Coral has slashed the odds on the hottest Easter on record from 10/1 to 6/1 with the hottest ever March at 10/1.

Spokeswoman Nicola McGeady said: “The latest gamble suggests punters are putting all their eggs in one basket and backing this Easter to be the hottest on record following the recent heatwave in Britain.”

The Met Office’s three-month outlook predicts a strong likelihood of above-average temperatures until the end of May.

It states there are signals of a positive North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) which will bring warm winds in from the west.

A spokesman said: “Overall this pattern typically brings near to above-average temperatures.”

The best of the weather is likely to begin the south with some forecast models showing above-average temperatures right through the summer.

Two girls take a photograph of themselves on their mobile phone as they relax in the warm weather

Long-range predictions show temperatures between one and two degrees C above the norm right through until September.

However not all forecasters agree with the roasting predictions with some still backing an average spring to come.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “We will gradually see a return to some much colder and more wintry conditions as we progress towards the second half of March.

“As we progress into this weekend and the early part of next week much colder air will approach us from the east and leave us in a much colder feeling easterly flow.

“Throughout next next week there is the potential for some more notable and widespread snow showers across the country.

“However, warmer weather is around the corner, and parts of the UK can expect some widespread warm temperatures and pleasant weather throughout May.”

Chris Burton, forecaster for The Weather Network, warned not to put the brollies away just yet with plenty more rain on the way.

He also warned of a chilly weekend to come with plunging temperatures making it feel “more like winter” than early spring.

He said: “As we go through Friday and into the weekend, a significant change in our weather will occur as chilly easterly winds develop.

“These winds will drag in bitterly cold air from eastern Europe, with temperatures struggling to rise much above 4-7C by Sunday.

“The strong easterly winds will also drag in a lot of cloud and some patchy drizzle, making it feel more like mid-winter than early spring.

“Western areas will see the best of any sunshine this weekend, although this would bring the risk of overnight frosts.

“Much of Europe is expected to have a warmer spring than usual, but for the UK, temperatures are forecast to be around average as a whole with temperatures flipping between mild and cold.

“April showers are often a key feature of spring weather and that’s expected to be the case this year.”

Temperatures soared to 81F in 2011 and 74F in London during the Easter of 1984 with this year on course to beat both.

If the sunnier predictions come to fruition, Britons could be about to bake in the hottest month of April since records began in 1910.  – Express.

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