Exposing the CIA’s Control of Agenda 21’s Takeover of Your Community

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Feature Article by Dave Hodges
On tonight’s show, we save the most disturbing story of the night for the third hour of the show as Dave Hodges will welcome back researcher Diana Hunter as they explore Ft. Collins’ Pat Stryker as they explore her CIA connections and how they are planning to seize control of all energy resources, along with the Rockefellers’, in Colorado, which is serving as a Beta test for the rest of the nation. In the third hour, Dave will share his take on how Obama is an illegitimate President and is acting as a treasonous foreign agent who has proclaimed his is only accountable to the U.N. Security Council when it comes to waging war.

In the first half hour, Dave and Annie De Riso welcome Australian activist Dr. Michael Buttsworth as he explains how western dominance on the planet is coming to a speedy conclusion. Buttsworth will also share the details of Agenda 21, Australian style. At the bottom of the hour, Dave will welcome Malcom Out Loud as they discuss rising oil prices and the corruption which underlies the price gouging of the American Public.  Malcom is witty and highly entertaining and frequently appears on Fox News and CNN.

In the second hour, Dave and Annie welcomes Victoria Collier as they discuss the rampant voter fraud which is underlying the Republican Primary.


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