Exorcism Warfare in Recent Times

One of the most respected priest’s in the ‘business’ has claimed to have performed 160,000 exorcisms. The 88-year-old Gabriele Amorth has also came forward asking Pope Francis to bestow privileges to every priest with proper training to conduct these exorcises.



Amorth came forward to seek the pope’s ear when he views the pontiff’s alleged exorcism of a child after a recent Mass in St. Peter’s Square.
But, what is an underlying issue here is the importance of these measures. You see, the Vatican came forward afterwards and said the pope was only praying for disabled man in an attempt to rid him of an illness not the devil. Herein lies the problem!


It all started when the Catholic TV channel TV2000 belonging to the Italian bishop’s conference, showed the scene and asked a group of exorcists to analyze the video. According to the channel “The exorcists who saw the scene have no doubt that this was a prayer for release of evil and an authentic and true exorcism.”
In this video you can obviously see the pope puts his hands on the head of the person and this person reacts by opening his mouth, panting and then putting his body at rest. It is said that a terrible sound exited his mouth when the pope prayed over him….the sound much like the roar of a lion!


We do have great war that we wage against, this being the supernatural, and although the Vatican will admit this, what they won’t admit is the degree with which we deal with on a daily basis. Brushing off the issue only intensifies the problem.
The Associate Press has noted in an recent article that the ‘exorcist interpretation’ is an obsession with satan. Seriously? This is ridiculous. To deny the problem is why we are in this state of affairs to begin with! So, essentially they are saying that Amorth’s thoughts on the devil is exaggerated and he is obsessed with the idea.


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You can fight the evil supernatural beings. You just need the right tools and most importantly, you need Jesus Christ! The Word is amazing in it’s origin and even now, 2ooo years later….it remains more than enough to do the job!!

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