EXCLUSIVE: Vaccine Passports ENFORCED In Italy! – This Is INSANE!

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News Story Source: World Alternative Media – Josh Sigurdson – Bitchut

No matter the law or mandate, it is only ink on paper until it is enforced. Today in Rome, enforcement is yet to be seen for the most part. However, the most obvious tourist sites sees long lines of cattle desperately conforming and complying.

The Green Pass was pushed forward against the will of most in Italy. Even the vaccinated. There have been absolutely massive protests taking place throughout Italy which we plan to report on. Despite the obvious uprising stemming from the tyranny we're seeing today, tourists continue to line up in droves to show their papers to a police officer standing outside of the ancient Colosseum, or to a tour guide in front of the Spanish Steps.

The restaurants, taxis and shops in Rome do NOT appear to be enforcing the new green pass for the most part. As we have tested, no one has yet told us to wear a mask, nevermind show a vaccine passport. Generally, the enforcement is relaxed. But don't let that fool you. This will only get worse bef
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