Ex-Illuminati Witch Doc Marquis…Arrival of the Antichrist

A thread with a 3 plus hour journey into the Illuminti and the arrival of the antichrist.


I will tell you right up front that I am 100% sure Doc Marquis is an Illuminati backed dis-info agent, but he does provide some ingredients to the grand conspiracy pie. He goes over facts I was even unaware of, such as facts about the Druid day when they went door to door demanding human sacrifices and burning people in wicker men. For fun the Illuminati would let a person bob for an apple in 212 degree liquid in a calderon, if they got it on the first try they were set free, but their skin would be deformed and they would be blind, this is our current Halloween.
Other things he goes over are more in depth meaning of symbols, better then Jordan Maxwells explanation on alot of things. To tell you the truth Doc is fun to listen too then Maxwell, maybe its his pagan voodoo charm and funny way he talks!


Enjoy the show! :mrcool:

Arrival of Antichrist Part 1 Doc Marquis

An Ex-illuminati Witch Doc Marquis Finds God, and reveals the Satanic illuminati.

Janus, Illuminati God of Chaos and Deception

In this second video Doc reveals some hidden symbols in money I was even aware of, such a a “winged angel of death” thats right in front of our eyes one the one dollar bill, and the mother goddess on one us gold coin.

Arrival of Antichrist Part 2 Doc Marquis

Knowing your enemy is the only way to defeat them. Fight majick with majick.


Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/ex-illuminati-witch-doc-marquis-arrival-of-the-antichrist-t67205.html#ixzz1m89ohCyC

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