European Gas Prices Hit Escape Velocity After Russian Gas Supplies Plunge By 57% Overnight

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News Story Source: by Tyler Durden
… and while all the dynamics we listed yesterday are all still applicable, we can add one more: a sudden drop off in Russian nat gas deliveries via the Yamal-Europe pipeline that runs across Belarus and Poland to Mallnow, Germany…

… which shrank lumped by 57% to the lowest level since Sept 6, just as a panicking Europe is scrambling for every BCF.

In an email seen by Bloomberg, Gazprom said that it continues to fully meet obligations under its supply contracts, adding that the current drop in Russian gas supplies via Mallnow is due to a request from a client and is temporary… although if it is anything as "temporary" as the current hyperinflation across the globe, then Europe is about to have a very unpleasant winter, at least until the Ukraine-bypassing Nord Stream 2 is activated – just as Putin wants.

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