Elusive Conflict Resolution in Syria

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Elusive Conflict Resolution in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

Five years of Russian good faith efforts haven't borne fruition. Conflict in Syria continues raging. Peace remains elusive.

While Putin and Erdogan discussed Syria and other issues in Sochi, Russia, anti-Assad terrorists comprising the Western-sponsored Syrian National Coalition (SNC), an artificial construct, a rogue outlaw gang supporting war, abhorring peace, walked out of the latest round of Astana, Kazakhstan peace talks.

Its spokesman Ahmad Ramadan said the "delegation…suspend(ed) (participation)…until shelling stops across all Syria" – wrongfully accusing government forces of targeting civilians.

Talks were scheduled to focus on creating "de-escalation zones" in terrorists-held Idlib and Homs provinces, along with Eastern Ghouta near Damascus.

In Sochi, Putin said "(for) the development of the (Syrian) political process, a ceasefire must be
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