Elizabeth Warren's Plan To Cancel College Debt Is a Giveaway to the Well-Off and Well-Connected

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News Story Source: https://reason.com
The Massachusetts senator wants to spend $1.25 trillion on a plan to wipe out student loan debt and make public tuition free.

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic primary's foremost Game of Thrones recapper, styles herself a staunch defender of the little guy. In her campaign announcement, for example, the Massachusetts senator declared that millions of American families are currently "struggling to survive in a system that's been rigged, rigged by the wealthy and the well-connected." She's a true champion of the struggling middle class, the sort of grounded and relatable politician who knows what it's like to be 29 years old and still sharing your parents' HBO GO password.

To prove her commitment to fighting a system that is rigged by and for the wealthy and well-connected, Warren yesterday announced a new plan (with Warren, there's always a plan) that would … provide more than a trillion dollars in aid to the wealthy and well-connected.

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