Electricity Crisis in Gaza

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Electricity Crisis in Gaza

by Stephen Lendman

Gaza's chronic electricity shortage endangers its two million residents – ruthlessly besieged by Israel for the past decade, their suffering ignored by Trump on his trip to Israel.

In late April, the Palestinian Authority (PA) notified Netanyahu's regime it would stop paying for electricity supplied to the Strip, its cost deducted from taxes Israel collects from Palestinians.

Fatah-run PA and Hamas disagree over cost, at times forcing Gaza's sole power plant to curtail operations.

About 80% of Gaza's electricity comes from Israel, the rest from Egypt. When all power sources are delivering at optimal levels, demand is double the amount of electricity supplied.

Gazans get only about about 12 hours or less daily, worsening humanitarian crisis conditions, disrupting water pumping stations, sewage disposal and treatment facilities, along with compromising the ability of hospitals to opera
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