Economic Nonsense in the New York Times

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News Story Source:, by Jacob G. Hornberger
That's because there is a good chance that your kid will end up having to take economics classes under Professor Stephanie Kelton, who details her modern-day version of voodoo economics in today's New York Times in an op-ed entitled "Learn to Love Trillion Dollar Deficits."

in addition to teaching economics at Stony Brook, Kelton informs readers in her op-ed that she previously served as former chief economist for the Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee. For some reason, she failed to note that she also served as an advisor to self-labeled socialist Bernie Sanders in his 2016 race for president.

Kelton's thesis is that Americans need not be concerned about the federal government's trillion dollar deficits and its ever-growing mountain of federal debt, which now stands at almost $26 trillion. (See, which, if you have never visited this website before, might tend to shock you.)

The reason for Kelton's lack of concern for these m
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