Don't Camp at Walmart

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A few weeks ago, we were headed east on I-10 across southern Arizona en route to Rockhound State Park in Deming, New Mexico, when it became clear that we were going to have to drive into the night if we wanted to make our destination. We'd already been on the move since dawn, the low tangerine sun behind us cast long shadows from the saguaros, and Deming was still three hours up the road. In these pinch moments, when we're tired, short on time, don't want to hassle with setup—and only in these moments—it's tempting to pull Artemis, which is what we call our Airstream, into a Walmart. Many of the company's stores (though not all) allow RVs and trailers to camp in their lots, providing simplicity and succor to weary travelers. Scanning my phone, I discovered one just a few miles ahead, in the town of Benson.

Despite our fatigue, we did not stop. And neither should you.

This is nothing against Walmart. I'm no big fan of the superstores, bu
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