Dolores Cannon on 2012 : 3 Magic Words Movie

Dolores Cannon speaks about 2012 and the coming 5D Earth in a soon to be released documentary film titled “3 Magic Words“. What Dolores shares about this ongoing vibrational shift of 2012 is quite congruent with what Bashar shares in his channelings about 2012.

She says, “When the new 5D Earth forms, all negativity and chaos is left behind with the old 3D Earth. Ones who are able to raise their vibrations and assimilate these intense energies in their being are the ones who would be moving into this new world.”

This one is a MUST SEE !

Dolores Cannon presents ‘3 Magic Words’ in London On Dec 21, 2012. A global event to celebrate Earth’s entrance into the Golden Age.

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