Does Western Civilization Still Have a Purpose?

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
When Western Civilization began to form at about 500 AD[1], it was full of purpose. In particular, it was devoted to bringing the light of Christ into the world: to overcome the ancient darkness and to replace it with righteousness.

But please don't imagine that when I say "bringing the light of Christ" and "500 AD," I'm talking about the reign of the Roman Catholic Church and the "Dark Ages." First of all, the capital-C church didn't exist at that time. The Rome-based church had just lost the sword of the emperor in the West. There was still an emperor in the East, but he ordered the church around more than did favors for it. Furthermore, the Rome-based church had serious competition from Arian Christianity and lesser competition from a host of smaller versions.

Second, the popular idea of the Dark Ages is mostly a myth. 500–1000 AD was a terribly rough time for rulership, but it was a good time for farmers. As historian Peter Brow
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