Does the Devil Really Exist? 70 Percent of Americans Seem to Think so…

Devil's World

Apparently the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, yet it seems that Satan himself may not have actually managed to pull it off after all, as 70 percent of Americans still seemingly live in fear of the beast, according to a Gallup poll conducted back in 2007.

The poll also showed that the amount of people believing in Beelzebub had grown considerably since the year 2000 and although it was admittedly carried out a number of years ago now, it’s likely that belief has continued to grow, especially when considering the ongoing evil being perpetrated across the globe, alongside the increasing amounts of satanic symbolism being subconsciously placed in front of the masses.

Satanic Illuminati

Anyone that hasn’t been indoctrinated into the disempowering mind control trap of orthodox religion will obviously know that there is essentially no such thing as “the devil” yet that knowing, or nonbelief doesn’t necessarily grant the immunity from the influence of the delusory demon that you might expect.

While the devil may just be a metaphor for our own base urges and indiscriminate instincts that when left unchecked, may lead to “evil” being perpetrated without the need for some otherworldly bogeyman whispering in your ear, the fact that so many people do believe in the Prince of Darkness, including many of those in the positions of power, means that there is a prevalent, fear based mindset pervading society, which if you’re a functioning and contributing part of, is going to be very hard to completely evade.

The Passion of the Christ Devil

You may not believe in the Devil yourself but you may be paying taxes to a clique of occult criminals who do and who are in fact using your hard earned contributions to further their believed demiurge’s twisted objectives through unnecessary war and conflict for example. You may not believe in the Devil yourself but you may be unwittingly exposing yourself to the creations of those who do, in the form of popular movies and music, which are largely designed to desensitise you to violence and exploitation.

A belief in the Devil allows for people to conveniently point the finger and blame things on “evil” instead of objectively looking at why that apparent evil was committed in the first place and perhaps doing something practical to prevent it from happening again.

Witch Burning at the Stake

A belief in the Devil is also a fortification of fear, which ironically, can lead to otherwise decent people committing acts of evil themselves in the very name of supposedly casting it out and this is one of the key reasons the ruling ‘elite’ want us all (whether consciously or not) either believing in, or indirectly supporting their imaginary fiend.

“The Devil” was created as a sinister control tool to manipulate the minds of the masses and this is why still to this day, we see so much satanic symbolism being incorporated into everyday life – to subconsciously reinforce the belief in the beast.

The Devil Illuminati

Whether the Devil exists matters not because the belief in him clearly does and that is all that’s needed for “evil” to continue being carried out, both by those who live in fear of the evil spirit and by those who worship it.

The answer then, is to do neither; to not live in fear of the Devil and accept that there is no such thing, while simultaneously remembering to not allow yourself to be involuntarily influenced, manipulated and controlled by those who sadly do.

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