Disingenuous Sympathy

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News Story Source: Jacob Hornberger – FFF
My article, for those who haven't read it, detailed the grief that a young woman, Kelsey Baker, is suffering over the loss of her boyfriend, Diego Pongo, who was recently killed in a firefight in Iraq. In the article, I pointed out the lack of anger by Baker toward the U.S. government, the entity that sent Pongo to Iraq in the first place to kill or be killed. I pointed out that the reason for her lack of anger toward the federal government lies with the power of military indoctrination.

The two responses are as follows:

Response 1: I am in complete agreement with your viewpoint. However, l must admonish you on the absence of an expression of commiseration (sincere or not) for the death of a young man who implicitly trusted his elders to not deceive him as to his purpose. My sympathy to the young lady and the boy's family. I'm certain you do also just having overlooked the expressions.

Response 2: I used to believe that, but in more recent years I have come to lay
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