DHS is using firefighters to spy on Americans in their own homes

DHS is using firefighters to spy on Americans in their own homes.

DHS is using the U.S. Census to ask Americans, questions about smoke detectors, so they can to give homes ‘fire risk assessments’. The above video (approx. 2:30) shows how the New Orleans fire department “took it up a notch” and “went door to door, boots on the ground” entering resident’s homes to install smoke detectors in people’s bedrooms, kitchens etc.

According to the “City of Orleans, Analytics-Informed Smoke Alarm Outreach Program,” the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) has been going door-to-door giving homes free ‘fire risk assessments’ since 2015.

The NOFD is launching a door-to-door smoke alarm outreach campaign that leverages analytics to prioritize those neighborhoods that are least likely to have smoke alarms and most likely to experience fire fatalities. With this analysis, NOFD will conduct a targeted, risk-informed door-to-door smoke alarm outreach program.

Two companies sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development called the American Housing Survey and Enigma io are behind this program. Interestingly, ‘Enigma io’ is run by American Express, the New York Times and New Enterprise Associates a global venture capital firm.

Imagine letting a DHS agent into your home without a warrant?

That’s exactly what’s happening, as firefighters nationwide enter people’s homes under the guise of fire safety. Click here, here & here to find out how firefighters work for DHS. Last year, I warned everyone that firefighters are being armed and trained for urban warfare. Click here, here & here to find out more.


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