DHS Intelligence Report Equates Global Uprising to ‘Sovereign Extremism’

DHS Sovereign Extremist Threat

A recent report collated and circulated by the Department of Homeland Security and subsequently reviewed by ‘alphabetti’ media outlet CNN, has warned of the growing threat of government attacks and the associated rejection of authority by so-called sovereign right-wing extremist citizens.

The current mass global awakening being brazenly branded as “domestic terror” by the nervous psychopaths in power is now forcing them to magnify a relatively small minority of unwelcome incidents in such a way to make the fundamental act of asserting your inalienable human rights tantamount to “violent extremism”.

The DHS intelligence assessment, which effectively labels anyone who dares disobey the arbitrary ‘laws’ enforced by the power-hungry pawns of the elite as “terrorists” somewhat prophetically predicts that the majority of sovereign citizen violence during 2015 will occur during routine law enforcement encounters such as home visits and traffic stops, ironically illustrating that it is the uniformed figures of authority supposedly keeping us safe from “terror” who are actually serving to incite these acts of otherwise unnecessary violence.

As more and more people steadily awaken to the abhorrent acts of those in authority, the ‘elite’ few orchestrating these acts, through reports such as this one, attempt to engender sympathy and support for their totalitarian tiptoe by focusing on a handful of regrettable police killings committed by distressed individuals who had been repeatedly pushed too far by law enforcement.

The absurd report, which conveniently came at the same time as the Obama Administration held a White House conference focusing on how to fight “violent extremism” even goes as far as to say the threat of the rejection of authority by an awakening general public is even greater than that of the completely fabricated one supposedly posed ISIS, which really goes to show how desperate and ridiculous the ruling ‘elite’ are now getting.

An official at the Justice Department heading up the “anti-radicalisation” efforts of the Obama regime spoke at the conference and suggested that the tactics used to supposedly thwart the radical Islamic recruitment of young people could also be used to fight anti-government groups, proving ‘the war on terror’ really is headed for home turf. Yet despite the report’s attempts to magnify the threat posed to our “heroic” law enforcement officers by an increasingly informed and vigilant public, it’s worth remembering who has been responsible for the most murder, harm and suffering committed against the people throughout the course of human history – the government itself.

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