Developers Launch Bitcoin Cash Social Media App 'Hivr'

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News Story Source: Bitcoin News by Jamie Redman
Hivr: A Bitcoin Cash Social Media Wallet

Over the past few months, numerous developers have been building forums and social media platforms on top of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Now a new project is attempting to test the social media waters with a splash of BCH on the side. Hivr is a social media application for Android devices that allows users to post, tip and chat with one another using a native instant messaging system.

The Hivr creators explained during the launch announcement that they understand there's already a variety of platforms that allow media uploads on top of the BCH chain. However, most of them, like and Blockpress, support only a few features simultaneously like posting and tipping, and don't offer services such as instant messaging. Additionally, most of the other media platforms also require a small fraction of BCH to create a post, but the Hivr model allows free posting.   

"Basically, we created Hivr because we wan
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