Destabilizing Venezuela for Regime Change

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Destabilizing Venezuela for Regime Change

by Stephen Lendman

Washington wants Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ousted, social democratic Bolivarian governance abolished, unrestrained predatory capitalism replacing it, Washington getting control over the country's huge oil reserves, along with gaining another imperial trophy.

Economic war and weeks of street violence were made in the USA, perhaps ahead of tougher Trump administration efforts to forcibly remove Maduro.

Days earlier, bipartisan destabilizing Senate legislation was introduced (S. 1018) on the phony pretext of "provid(ing) humanitarian assistance for the Venezuelan people…defend(ing) democratic governance, and combat(ing) widespread public corruption…"

On May 3, the bill was referred to committee, before sending it to House and Senate members for rubber-stamp passage, followed by Trump signing it into law.

The measure includes tougher sanctions and con
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