Deplorable Trump/Abbas Hyperbole

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Deplorable Trump/Abbas Hyperbole

by Stephen Lendman

Trump is a deep state captive, exclusively serving wealth, power and privilege, along with one-sidedly supporting Israel, uncaring about Palestinian rights.

Abbas is a longstanding Israeli collaborator, anointed, not legitimately elected, a convenient puppet, a self-serving Judas goat, a hugely corrupt Palestinian Quisling, betraying his people for special benefits he's afforded.

Wednesday's White House meeting on restarting peace talks was farcical and disturbing. No peace process exists – not now, earlier or ahead, just the illusion of one, a colossal hoax, failing every time initiated.

Below are the disingenuous statements by both figures, first Trump absurdly saying "(a)most 24 years ago, it was on these grounds that (Abbas, Rabin and Clinton agreed on the Oslo Accords) which laid the foundation for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians."

Fact: Oslo was a deplorable
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