Defend Yourself From Psychopaths

The above mini-documentary “Defense Against the Psychopath” gives a great explanation of psychopathy, how to recognize psychopaths, and how to protect yourself from them. Approximately 4% of the world population are psychopaths, which means 1 in 25 people walking around literally has no conscience, feels no empathy for others, and feels no remorse for their actions. Psychopaths realize at an early age that they don’t feel empathy or remorse like everyone else. They are completely apathetic to the suffering of others and view compassion as weakness. They can and do, however, learn to fake such emotions and use them to prey on people. Also known as “Psychic Vampires,” these psychopaths parasitically attach themselves to vulnerable hosts then mentally, emotionally, and often physically bend them to their will and suck them dry of energy, money, sex or whatever it is they want, then move on. They are incredibly adept liars and flatterers, they’re very superficial but constantly attempt to feign wisdom, and they’re all braggarts obsessed with power and control. Due to their predatory nature, psychopaths easily move up the ranks of governments, corporations, banks, militaries, and other hierarchical power/money-hungry organizations. As a result most Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, Bankers and other high-brow figures are in fact full-blown psychopaths hiding behind well-constructed masks of normalcy. Psychopaths are actually easily identified by brain scans since their brain activity characteristically deviates from the norm. They are also often immune to polygraph tests since they are such skilled and natural liars. Have a look at these videos to learn more about this very important and enlightening subject.

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