Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock – Stefan Verstappen (Forming Communities)

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2021-10-11 — Ernest Hancock talks with Stefan Verstappen (Forming Communities) LIVE STREAM Monday Oct 11th around 2 pm EST

Program Date: 10-11-2021

Stefan Verstappen (Canadian author, researcher, and adventure) on The Complete Guide to Forming Communities, Seting aside the doom and gloom to make way for hope-restoring solutions

2021-10-10 — Ernest Hancock talks with Aurelio and Michelle from Romania – Podcast from Midfest (MP3 LOADED)

Program Date: 10-10-2021

Aurelio and Michelle come on the show to share their story of the struggle to find freedom. Came to America in 1989 from Romania when the Berlin wall fell and Ceausescu was overthrown and killed. Live Stream 5:45 pm EST Sun Oct 10

2021-10-10 — Ernest Hancock talks with Al Fritts from Midfest in Spavinaw, OK (MP3 & MP4 LOADED)

Program Date: 10-10-2021

Al Fritts (National Hoosball Association) talks about the fun and exciting game of Hoosball, which is an off-shoot of the table game of foosball
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