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2021-11-04 — Ernest interviews Greg Peterson (The Urban Farm) (MP3&MP4 LOADED)

Program Date: 11-04-2021

Greg Peterson (The Urban Farm) on the importance of growing your own food, learning how to grow, classes, self-sustainability, etc…

2021-11-04 — Dr. Phranq Tamburri Post Trump and Tyranny Report Podcast (MP3&MP4 LOADED)

Program Date: 11-04-2021

Dr. Phranq Tamburri = Post Trump Report — Tyranny Report, #LetsGoBrandon, healthcare industry, medical tyranny, medical freedom, elections, etc…

2021-11-03 — Ernest interviews Dr Judy Mikovits (Vaccines, Big Pharma, Ending Plague (MP3&MP4 LOADED)

Program Date: 11-03-2021

Dr Judy Mikovits on vaccine update, Biden vaccine mandates, protests, deadlines, exemptions,  the science of vaccines/viruses/diseases, XMRV's, Fauci, corruption, Flu Shots, etc… See:

2021-11-02 — Ernest Hancock interviews Chris Waid on VPN's, Mesh Networking, etc… (MP3 and
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