Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock & John Brakey – Mon Oct 4 @ Noon EST Live Stream

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News Story Source: Ernest Hancock
2021-10-04 — Ernest talks with John Brakey (Elections Expert – Arizona) PODCAST – Watch on Live Stream beginning around Noon EST on Monday Oct 4th

Program Date: 10-04-2021

Ernest gets an update on the Maricopa County (and AZ) election audit from John Brakey (Elections Expert; AUDITUSA; Election Nightmares). What's really going on?

2021-10-01 — Bretigne Shaffer – Dave Ridley PODCAST (MP3/MP4)

Program Date: 10-08-2021

Bretigne Shaffer (Author) on her new project, Freogan Fellowship Learning : Arming your Teens for the Brave New World (Classes starting Oct 25) – Dave Ridley (Ridley Report) on New Hampshire secession bill, NH Exit, independence movement, etc…

2021-09-30 — Ernest talks with Foster Gamble (Thrive II: This is What it Takes) (MP3/MP4 LOADED)

Program Date: 09-30-2021

Foster Gamble (Thrive Movement) on Thrive II: This is What it Takes; breakthrough innovations, future sustainability, community, solutions, etc…

2021-09-30 — Dr. P
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