Declare Your Independence w/ Ernest Hancock – Dr Judy Mikovits (Vaccines) Live Stream 11 am EST

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2021-10-13 — Ernest interviews Dr Judy Mikovits (Vaccines, Big Pharma, Ending Plague) Live Stream 11 am EST Wed Oct 13

Program Date: 10-13-2021

Dr Judy Mikovits on vaccine update, newest book out (Ending Plague), upcoming speaking engagements, Southwest Airlines, travel, Big Pharma, vaccines, mandates, etc…

2021-10-12 — Ernest Hancock with Mike Swatek, Thomas Freedman live from Midfest (Spavinaw, OK) – this interview will take place at a later time…

Program Date: 10-12-2021

Ernest talks with Mike Swatek and Thomas Freedman while at Midfest on IPFS, Pirate Box, Agorist Market, Black Market Fridays, etc…

2021-10-11 — Ernest Hancock talks with Stefan Verstappen (Forming Communities)

Program Date: 10-11-2021

Stefan Verstappen (Canadian author, researcher, and adventure) on The Complete Guide to Forming Communities, Seting aside the doom and gloom to make way for hope-restoring solutions

2021-10-10 — Ernest Hancock talks with Aurelio and Michelle
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