Declare Your Independence Podcasts Posted: Matt Lunati/Rachel Vallone – John Sneisen – James Corbett

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Feature Article by Donna Hancock
There are two ways to listen and/or watch the show:

1. Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show podcasts are played on  LRN.FM beginning weekdays at 9 am EST

2. IF WE ARE RECORDING A PODCAST, YOU CAN WATCH THE LIVE STREAM ON FREEDOM'S PHOENIX, FLOTE, and DLIVE – watch for the prompts here (players are active when we are live):

Front page of Freedom's Phoenix (player only active when we are live, and it's located under Roberts & Roberts Banner ad at top left of Front Page of ?" click on LIVE NOW button at TOP (button only activated when live-streaming is in progress)

New Declare Your Independence Podcasts this week include:

2021-08-18 — John Sneisen – James Corbett (Solutions; – MP3/MP4 to be loaded shortly

John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) on the economy, bitcoin, etc… – James Corbett (Corbett Repo
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