De-Escalation Zones in Syria: Hold the Cheers

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
De-Escalation Zones in Syria: Hold the Cheers

by Stephen Lendman

On Thursday, Russia, Turkey and Iran signed a memorandum in Astana, Kazakhstan on establishing four de-escalation zones in Syria – these countries acting as guarantors. 

According to Tass, zones will be in "Idlib province and some neighboring territories (Latakia, Hama and Aleppo) to the north of Homs, East Ghouta and some provinces in southern Syria (Daraa and Quneitra)."

Checkpoints will be set up on borders of zones for security, safe passage of civilians, and delivery of humanitarian aid. "Points of monitoring the ceasefire will be also arranged there," Tass explained. 

Russia's Presidential Envoy on the Syrian Settlement Alexander Lavrentyev said Moscow will do everything possible to assure no aerial or ground operations in these zones.

Syria's Foreign Ministry made similar comments. Lavrentyek said Russian "combat operations (in) th
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